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In a brilliant piece published in The American Spectator’s October issue, William Tucker synthesizes one of the biggest issues surrounding the Nuclear Revival—the United States is not part of it. Not only is the nation lagging behind on construction, training, and investments for a technology that provides huge amounts (1,000+ megawatts) of carbon-free energy, but the country has no clear outlook for when it will break out of this quagmire holding back the development of future energy security.

Tucker points out the United States invented nuclear energy, but the leadership in development and advancements in technology are now taking place elsewhere.

So the world is going nuclear without our help.

This will be the first time since the days of the American Revolution that the U.S. has not led a technological revolution. Railroads, central electricity, the automobile, the airplane, the Internet — all propelled us to the forefront of international competition while securing our economic dominance. Now we are lagging far behind in what will certainly be the prime energy source of the 21st century. The consequences may not show up in our economy for another two to three decades. When they do, however, they will be significant.

As the largest nuclear energy supplier in the United States, AREVA is investing billions to build the infrastructure necessary to revive the nuclear energy industry—so the country can expand its nuclear generation, provide domestic clean energy sources, and build an economy with thousands of jobs for decades to come.

Learn more about our major investments; Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility in Idaho, AREVA Newport News heavy component facility in Virginia, and design work for EPR™ reactor for the United States market.

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