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The official White House website has added a new feature, “Open For Questions,” which allows people to ask the President key questions on the economy and vote up other people’s submissions.

So far, over 13,000 people have submitted over 16,000 questions. There are a number of good questions on the economic effect of nuclear energy, in the category of Green Jobs and Energy. Here are some that caught our eye:

Mr. President why not embrace Nuclear Power it would create tens of thousands of jobs and cut our dependence on foreign oil . The job creation would be sustaniable and would occur in may areas of the country that need them.
jsc, malvern, pa

With the scarcity of Oil looming as well as other resources, has your administration thought about implimenting Nuclear power on a more massive scale, so that we would get a large amount of our power from nuclear energy, similar to France?
Wesley M, Sammamish, WA

Do you have any plans on closing the nuclear fuel cycle in the United States so that we can recycle our spent nuclear fuel?
C-los with the Most, Knoxville, TN

The French success with nuclear power is based on standardized designs and recycling uranium. When will the DOE and NCR benchmark this success?
raymillr, Cincinnati, OH

Mr. President, if cutting green house emissions are such a high priority in your agenda, why not continue government support for bringing the next gen nuclear power plans on line. This technolgy is ultra clean and would create numerous jobs.
jrgarne, monterey, ca

We’d recommend you go make your voice heard, and ask your questions. If you like these questions and ones like them, go vote them up. The President will answer some of the most popular questions on Thursday, so submit questions and vote soon to make your voice heard!

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