What’s so special about AREVA’s Specialty Maintenance Solutions?


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World-class repair and refurbishment capabilities

AREVA’s Installed Base Services team is known for world-record major component replacements, advanced tools and techniques for inspection and repair & replacement, and industry-best response to emergent issues. As a vital member of this team, our pump & motor service specialists are dedicated to revitalizing aging nuclear plant components in our world-class, 70,000-square-foot Pump & Motor Service Center (P&MSC) and to providing installation, repair and replacement services at nuclear plant sites across the U.S. and around the world.

Our increased service capacity and extended portfolio have made us a one-stop shop for pump, motor and seal needs for nuclear plant operators in the U.S. – with experience including:

  • Over 250 new stators operating across the globe for over 30 years without a single failure
  • Over 100 refurbishment contracts in our Pump & Motor Service Center
  • Over 85 primary coolant pump motors — Westinghouse, GE, Allis Chalmers since 2001
  • 14 reactor coolant pumps — Westinghouse, Flowserve (formerly Byron-Jackson)
  • Technicians with experience in more than 75 motor refurbishments, 10 pump refurbishments and/or 30 pump and motor outages

But wait – there’s more! AREVA’s Contaminated Refurbishment Center

But the P&MSC isn’t just for pumps and motors anymore! We’re leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our Pump & Motor Service Center and Component Repair & Replacement professionals to offer services in the AREVA Contaminated Refurbishment Center (CRC).

Housed in the P&MSC, the CRC offers contaminated machining, welding and fabrication to address all of our utility customers’ maintenance challenges. With a wide array of equipment at our disposal, we can perform specialty maintenance and repair activities such as:

  • Flange refacing on heat exchangers
  • Blade replacement and balancing turbine and compressor rotors
  • Seat replacement on valves
  • Shaft turning, repair, sleeving and balancing as well as nickel plating

Whatever the job, we can draw from the deep bench-strength and expertise of AREVA’s engineering and services teams to ensure aging components are repaired to stringent industry standards.

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