What if Clean Water came from the Sun?


It’s possible, and soon will be probable as AREVA and the Fresno Nuclear Energy Group (FNEG) develop the state’s first Clean Energy Park in Fresno, California.

In today’s announcement, AREVA signed a contract with FNEG to conduct feasibility assessments and initiate the first phase of the Fresno Clean Energy Park. This innovative business model concept envisions a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant powering a water processing plant integrated with a waste water treatment facility. That means clean water.

“We are developing the Fresno Clean Energy Park,” said John Hutson, president of FNEG, “to meet our region’s most serious needs: creating a stable supply of clean water for the Central Valley and meeting the state’s growing energy demands with clean energy sources.”

Along with the ultimate goal of 1 million acre-feet of clean, reliable water each year, the Clean Energy Park will also generate 1,000 direct and indirect jobs during construction, 200 long-term jobs while in operation, and millions of dollars in regional economic investment.

All from a single clean energy project.

Read more about the Clean Energy Park business model for low carbon power generation and AREVA’s nuclear and renewables energy portfolio, including solar power, offshore wind power, biomass power, and hydrogen power and distribution.

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