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Welcome to the upgraded new AREVA North America blog, Next Energy.

In addition to the upgrade of the look and feel of the site, to match the new overall graphical revamp of our main site, we have a few new features to point out:

  • Firstly we have upgraded the whole site to WordPress 2.9, which offers a lot of benefits of speed and stability.
  • Better Twitter and Facebook Integration: If you do like a post on the blog and want to share it to friends there is now a very simple (two clicks only) way to ReTweet the post, or to share it on Facebook.
  • We’ve added a “Most Read” posts section in the sidebar to help you find popular new content
  • We have upgraded the entire comments engine to work with Disqus Comments
    • You can now login to post comments now using your Twitter, Facebook or OpenID, not needing to create yet another login in order to take part in the blog community.
    • As you write a comment, you can also send your comment to your Twitter and Facebook status update
    • You can now vote up comments made you like, encouraging others to check them out
    • It’s supports profile pictures of you that it can import from your Facebook, Twitter, or Gravatar accounts.
    • You can now subscribe to a comment thread and get updates via email or RSS feeds
  • Mobile Users: We now support the mobile browsers and have a custom mobile web interface for iPhone, Android & Blackberry Touch browsers.

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