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We’d like to give a warm welcome to some newcomers to the neighborhood!  Adding to a blogosphere already diverse in background and discussion, they bring opinions on the subject that shake up the conversation on nuclear energy.

It’s really great to see the dialogue on nuclear energy growing.  There’s a lot to discuss, and there will be a lot more to come.  So keep writing and we’ll keep reading!  We’ve added these blogs to our “Blogs We Read” section in our sidebar. Check these folks out if you have a chance:
Nuclear Brunette – A nuclear engineering student at Georgia Tech University writing about nuclear energy
Clean Energy Insight – Young professionals from the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN) who came together to educate and raise awareness of nuclear energy

What is Nuclear? – A great new resource site, explaining some of the finer points of nuclear power in easy-to-understand terms.

The Energy Collective – Not really a new blog, but we don’t think we’ve highlighted them on here before.  It’s a great resource for discussion and debate over the big picture of our 21st-century energy future.

We hope you’ll stop by and give them a read!

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