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As the world continues aiding the Japanese people, analysts are evaluating the natural disasters’ impacts for lessons to be gained for our energy future and how to safely generate enough low carbon energy to meet accelerating demand.

This article from the Washington Post describes a well-reasoned perspective on the varying safety and societal costs of energy sources, backed by a wide range of detailed science and studies. After summarizing the research with this statement,

“Making electricity from nuclear power turns out to be far less damaging to human health than making it from coal, oil or even clean-burning natural gas, according to numerous analyses. That’s even more true if the predicted effects of climate change are thrown in.”

… the article then delves into comparing the assumptions and facts of health costs, incident rates and fatality ratios. And for good measure, after all this carefully considered, study-based education, the article tosses in a unquantifiable dread factor.

Read the article and its research.

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