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Making the point on safe and secure used nuclear fuel storage and nuclear transport containers, this video is worth seeing again.

In November 2010, AREVA successfully conducted a high-impact crash test demonstrating that the company’s concrete storage modules, such as those used in the current NUHOMS® dry cask storage system, can withstand intense impact without loss of integrity or safety.

As this video shows, the 1:3-scale test simulated the impact of a military airplane jet engine shaft at the most sensitive location on the AREVA TN “TN NOVA™” used nuclear fuel overpack system.

The impact was impressive. The 660-pound steel projectile fired at the TN NOVA struck with a speed of 534 mph, knocking the heavy canister into the air to land yards away—unharmed. The test successfully demonstrated that the TN NOVA internal canister, which would contain the used nuclear fuel, remained leaktight after the projectile’s impact.

The test was conducted by the CEA, France’s Commission on Nuclear and Renewable Energy.

Learn more about AREVA TN’s 40+ years of safe used fuel management and nuclear transport in the United States by visiting the website.

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