VIDEO: AREVA’s HawkEye IVVI Peers into Boiling Water Reactors


As utilities look toward nuclear reactor life extension to 60 years … and beyond, examination of reactor systems and components becomes more important than ever—for facility and public safety, and for asset protection.

AREVA’s latest innovation minimizes the impact of increased inspections on plant operators: AREVA’s HawkEye Remote Mechanized In-Vessel Visual Inspection System for Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs).

This robust, remotely-controlled manipulator maximizes BWR in-vessel visual inspection (IVVI) coverage, with a variety of configurations and attachments to inspect and clean anywhere in the reactor.

The tool offers enhanced images and access to hard-to-reach locations for a high-quality inspection – all from a remote location – significantly reducing personnel dose without increasing a plant’s outage schedule.

Top Benefits

  • quality inspections in hard-to-reach locations
  • high-quality data that’s right the first time
  • a stable platform for high-quality video
  • remote operation for significant dose savings
  • inspects and cleans in parallel with refuel and vessel maintenance
  • optimizes refuel floor critical path
  • performs stable exams on operating loops
  • automated real-time coordination
  • enhanced nuclear, industrial, & radiological safety

Watch the HawkEye video.

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