VIDEO: AREVA Forging the Nuclear Energy Future


Featuring state-of-the-art equipment, AREVA’s Creusot Forge is one of only a few forges in the world capable of creating the immense, precise parts necessary for a nuclear reactor’s heavy components.

Continuing the region’s 230-year smelting heritage, AREVA’s modern facility in Le Creusot specializes in large carbon or stainless steel forgings and castings, and recently added a 9,000-ton hydraulic press to its workshop. This latest addition joins a massive 11,000 ton hydraulic press, some of the world’s most powerful furnaces, and a range of tooling equipment for high-precision finish machining.

Thanks to these powerful industrial assets, AREVA is one of the few global suppliers capable of producing forgings for a range of vital nuclear reactor components:

  • Steam generator (upper, conical, and lower heads, elliptical dome, tube sheet)
  • Reactor pressure vessels
  • Pressurizer heads
  • Primary pump castings
  • Primary piping (hot and cold legs) connecting reactor and steam generators

Watch the video demonstrating and describing AREVA’s new 9,000-ton press.

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