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UVAToday, a University of Virginia publication, includes a feature on the partnership between its School of Engineering and Applied Science and AREVA. The partnership includes dedicated funding for educational and research programs, and provides an excellent opportunity for tomorrow’s engineers to gain practical experience today in the field of nuclear engineering.

AREVA, a global nuclear energy company headquartered in Paris, with a facility in Lynchburg, represents an important corporate partner to the Engineering School. The company has been a champion of an undergraduate engineering distance-learning program, Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia, since its creation in 2007.

The program began taking shape in 2006 when AREVA foresaw the need for more engineers to meet the demands of the emerging nuclear renaissance in the United States. This renaissance–and need for engineers–includes the AREVA Newport News facility, development of the Clean Energy Park in Ohio, and the Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility in Idaho.

Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia is one solution to the shortage. At varying levels, AREVA is now sponsoring more than 40 students in the program, offering mentorships, paying tuition and book costs and offering employment to graduates. The company also allows flex-time to its current employees so they can complete the program while working.

Jacob Bumgarner, currently enrolled in the program online as a University of Virginia student and an AREVA engineering intern, comments:

This program has allowed me to continue living at home, while working and earning an engineering degree from one of the most prestigious schools in the country. I am also lucky enough to be sponsored by AREVA, so I am able to learn something from school, and then come to work and actually see how it is used.

Here’s the full article from UVAToday.

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