Umatilla Tribe Considering Energy Development
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Merv Tano’s comments about private-public-tribal energy partnerships describe a path forward for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indians in the northwest U.S. and other Indian tribes.

As detailed on his blog,

The Roundtable brought together high level tribal, industry, and other leaders and experts in the diverse fields of related to energy, environment, science and technology, research, workforce development, business development, and education in a series of facilitated dialogues to examine federal and corporate social responsibility policies to determine how such policies can support private-public-tribal partnerships to increase tribal participation in all facets of energy development.

Of particular interest was our presentation on AREVA Clean Energy Parks,

The parks concept, appropriately modified for tribal purposes, provide a conceptual framework to organize ongoing and future tribal energy activities and collaborative efforts in a wide range of research, training, generation and other arenas.

Read his entire post for more discussion.

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