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A team led by Transnuclear, Inc. (TN), an AREVA company, recently completed a successful dry fuel storage loading campaign demonstrating safety, excellence and professionalism that exemplified industry goals and significantly lowered the radiation dose set in previous campaigns.

The Transnuclear team performed pool-to-pad services using their NUHOMS® 32PT system. The team of 25 people performed more than 28,000 safe work hours throughout the entirety of the project. In addition to finishing ahead of schedule and within budget, the Transnuclear team completed the campaign at 30 percent of the initial dose estimate.

“At Transnuclear we are committed to meeting our customers’ needs with an unparalleled focus on safety, quality and strong performance delivery,” said Michael McMahon, President & CEO of Transnuclear Inc. “Our high level of performance is a result of our investment in our new NUHOMS® University Training Center and our emphasis on a mindset of continuous improvement. With the Training Center and our dedication to continuous improvement, Transnuclear teams can apply the highest of industry standards to their work, thus meeting and often exceeding our customers’ safety and dose targets.”

The NUHOMS® University training facility is located in Aiken, SC and is the first used-fuel storage training facility in the United States to use full-scale, working casks and trailers for training purposes. The University was created to respond to customer expectations on human performance in all aspects of nuclear plant operations.

For this project, 288 fuel assemblies were removed from the spent fuel pool of one of our customer’s sites and transferred safely into nine Dry Shielded Canisters (DSCs) which were then moved in Horizontal Storage Modules (HSMs) on the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI).

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