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The past seven days have offered a wealth of information on the inner workings of AREVA’s solar power technology.

“Solar Steam Boosters for Coal-fired Power Plants” … that’s a headline that will catch your attention, as will the detailed statistics on AREVA Solar’s supersteam solar technology capabilities in this month’s Power Engineering. From Average Hourly Steam Production and Average Hourly Gross Electricity Production charts to Steam Cycle diagrams and Solar Technology Land-Use Comparison graphic, this article has something for everyone. You have to dig a bit for the online article, page 178, but it’s well worth the excavation.

We also hosted Power Engineering Chief Editor, David Wagman, on a personal tour of AREVA Solar’s operating 5 MW CLFR development facility. Watch the video to see how this robust technology using basic steel, flat glass and water can generate 200 MW of electricity on only 1-square-mile of land.

And to top it all off, watch the animation video on how AREVA’s Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector technology works.

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