The Heart of AREVA – 2016 AREVA Citizenship


As a leading supplier of nuclear energy technology in North America, AREVA and our employees bring powerful performance, integrity and passion for achieving excellence to all that we do. That includes supporting our neighbors and communities surrounding AREVA and customer facilities all across the country. AREVA places high value on being a good corporate citizen, and our employees – the heart of our business – enthusiastically demonstrate that citizenship every year. In 2016, the company and hundreds of our compassionate employees contributed more than $700,000 and 2,500 hours of community service, directly impacting more than 320 organizations and thousands of individuals.

AREVA supports a wide range of non-profit and charitable organizations surrounding our three main locations in Charlotte, N.C., Lynchburg, Va., and Richland, Wash., and 11 remote offices in the U.S. The strategy to support programs and organizations focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education guided AREVA’s corporate giving. Today’s students are our future workforce and clean energy advocates who will solve tomorrow’s energy challenges. In addition to monetary contributions to schools, STEM academies and programs, colleges and universities, AREVA employees eagerly participated in classroom visits and career days as speakers, and as hosts for student and community groups who toured our facilities.


Other key components of the corporate giving strategy included assistance and resources for our neighbors in crisis. Safe housing, food, health care, afterschool programs and research for cures of debilitating diseases were just a few of the focus areas for our health and human services contributions. Some employees served by putting together “Bikes for Tykes” and cleaning up trails and playgrounds, while others cooked meals or led fundraising efforts to support medical research.


AREVA monetary gifts and volunteers also supported civic, cultural and environmental initiatives like local theatre, adopt-a-stream projects, local fire and rescue squads, the National D-Day Memorial and a variety of veterans’ assistance and recognition programs.


“The AREVA values provide a firm foundation for how we do business, and how we help our neighbors. Helping our neighbors contributes to the vitality of the communities where AREVA employees and our customers live and work,” said Gary Mignogna, President and CEO of AREVA Inc. “And a thriving community attracts and retains highly skilled and talented employees that are the heart of our company.”

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