The Future is Now – Safe Used Nuclear Fuel Transport and Storage


AREVA-NUHOMS-EOSUsed nuclear fuel transport and storage in the U.S. were hot topics at INMM’s Spent Fuel Seminar last week.

Perspectives from the Department of Energy (DOE), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), AREVA TN, and other companies explored the latest concepts and innovations through presentations including high burnup fuel transport, horizontal storage systems, and aging management inspection.

Take a look at two of the presentations on safe nuclear fuel transport and new storage technology.

Valenzano: The Future of Spent Fuel Transportation in the U.S.

AREVA TN’s Mike Valenzano presented (PDF) details on the only transport cask licensed in the U.S. for canisterized high burnup fuel – AREVA’s MP197HB. He also emphasized that safe used nuclear fuel transport is nothing new; AREVA transports more than 200 casks a year, with more than 30 years’ experience doing so.


AREVA US Safe Transport Presentation (PDF)

Narayanan: NUHOMS© EOS: Innovations to Ensure Safe Extended Optimized Storage

For the latest in safe used fuel storage technology, AREVA TN’s Prakash Narayanan introduced (PDF) the NUHOMS© Extended Optimized Storage (EOS) system, offering the highest capacity and heat load in the industry, plus significant advancements in aging management.



Follow these links for product sheets, videos, FAQs, and more information about AREVA TN technology and safe used nuclear fuel management.

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