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Sen. Lisa Murkowski

In this Reuters news story, there are signs that Republican Senator Lindsay Graham support of the Climate Bill may be helping bring other Republicans on board:

A senior Republican in the United States Senate, conservative Senator Lisa Murkowski, said she would consider voting for a “cap and trade” climate change bill Democrats are pushing if it also contains a vigorous expansion of nuclear energy and domestic oil drilling….In signaling her willingness to work on a bill, Murkowski said Democrats must include tangible incentives for building nuclear power plants and stepping up domestic oil drilling, offshore and on land. It has got to be “more than just window dressing,” she warned.

And as we have blogged about before, we believe the climate issue is bigger than either US party, and needs both parties to bring their best thinking to the table to address. We were encouraged to see this comment from Sen. Lisa Murkowski:

Asked about the Kerry-Graham column, Murkowski said, “It’s a good indicator that perhaps the conversation is changing.”

We applaud her public openness, and hope to see that grow on both sides of the isle as this new conversation continues…

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