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Following our launch yesterday, we were quite pleased to see welcome messages from several of our colleagues at other nuclear blogs…

From Steve Aplin at Canadian Energy Issues:

No sooner do I get off a post about the challenges the “nuclear industry” faces when it comes to strategic communication than Areva, the French giant, launches a blog dedicated to promoting its North American operations. It went live this morning. One of the first posts, by an Areva communications executive, says there are 60,000 potential new jobs in nuclear energy in the U.S.

From David Bradish at NEI Nuclear Notes:

NEI’s former blog contributor, Jarret Adams, is one of the authors for AREVA’s first blog. Welcome and best of luck!

And from Dan Yurman at Idaho Samizdat:

So far as I know Areva is the first nuclear company to launch a corporate blog with the objective of fostering dialog about energy issues. Lots of energy companies have blogs, but they are often just one-way broadcasts from the corporate PR office. . . .

The blog is just being published this week so the discussion forums aren’t live yet. I’m told they are coming soon. The story can also be told now that in developing this blog, Areva’s team reached out to a fairly diverse group of energy bloggers for ideas and input. That’s an important signal that the company plans to work hard at using its listening skills.

Dialog is welcome. Welcome to the blogsphere Areva. Do well.

Thanks for the warm welcome, friends! We’re looking forward to the conversation.

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