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Recently the Transmission & Distribution division of AREVA and PJM Interconnection made some “smart” moves forming a strategic alliance to better address to challenges of   “smarter” transmission grids for the northeastern United States.  The two organizations already have several years of success working together and will now be engaged in improving system resiliency and efficiency in the new paradigm of smarter grids.

Already a world-class transmission organization coordination the movement of wholesale electricity through 13 states and the District of Columbia, PJM is brings power to 51 million people in the U.S.  AREVA T&D has a successful history of delivering effective solutions to PJM, including industry firsts, such as locational marginal pricing (LMP)-based solution for the multi-settlement electricity market, and the first large-scale mixed integer programming (MIP) solution for clearing the day-ahead market.

Their joint strategy will now focus on developing T&D’s e-terra™ applications suite with “Smarter Dispatch” technologies.  This will facilitate a new generation of resources and devices for improved operational efficiency and expanded system security and with technologies that utilize PJM’s experience in providing quality and timely market information which will allow substantial and dramatic increase of the penetration of Demand Response technologies across PJM’s footprint.

PJM’s Senior Vice-President of Market Operations , Andy Ott, described how “On more than one occasion, AREVA T&D and PJM have worked collaboratively to deliver outstanding world-class solutions to meet our most challenging business requirements.”  AREVA T&D’s Executive Vice-President, Automation Business Unit, Jean-Michel Cornille said that “We are looking forward to combining our complementary areas of expertise to help shape the direction of Smart Grid technology, and to make more reliable, efficient and strong networks a reality.”

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