Southworth Discusses AREVA’s Nuclear Portfolio at Platts Conference


Yesterday, at the Platts 10th Annual Nuclear Energy Conference, AREVA’s Chief Technology Officer Finis Southworth participated on a panel discussing the current status and challenges of new nuclear power programs worldwide.

With AREVA as the only company on the panel representing in-house new build and next-generation nuclear technology experience, Southworth’s presentation provided unique insight into the new build landscape. In discussion, he stressed that a strong regulatory framework, stable supply chain, long-term government support, and strong customer/supplier relationships are needed for new build programs to thrive.

With AREVA’s Gen III+ 1,600MWe EPR reactor, the 1,000MWe ATMEA1 reactor and the 1,250MWe boiling water KERENA reactor, plus fast breed and High-temperature Gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) technology in its portfolio, AREVA is a key player in the global new build sector.

Here in North America, Southworth emphasized that AREVA Inc.’s experience and understanding of the entire nuclear fuel cycle and technology makes it a leading supplier in the U.S. energy market – from mining to fuel fabrication, new builds to components, and outage excellence to safe used nuclear fuel management.

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