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by Katherine Berezowskyj

Jeffery Sachs, renowned economist and Columbia University professor, recently published an article in Scientific American about the need for a clear U.S. energy strategy as the crucial and highly debated climate legislation comes into the picture. Sachs’ piece outlines what he sees as the essential steps to make a lasting difference, specifically that:

Ramping up nuclear power is probably the second most important measure, because it is currently the most scalable, cost-competitive, base-load source of non-carbon electricity. The legislation is decidedly ambivalent about nuclear power, reflecting the continuing divisions within the environmental community between advocates and staunch foes. Whether or not we choose to expand nuclear power, China and many other countries certainly will. The U.S. should as well; it is necessary to accomplish a cost-effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Make sure to read the rest of his piece, “The U.S. Must Prioritize Its Carbon Strategy; The Obama administration needs an energy strategy alongside the ambitious climate bill.”

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