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by Brent Wilkes, Executive Director, LULAC

LULAC is united in concern and sadness following the tsunami and earthquakes that recently struck Japan. As the situation unfolds, we commend the men and women who are currently working to provide support for damaged Japanese communities.

As the United States moves forward in shaping a response to the situation in Fukushima, we must remain conscious of the role the nuclear energy industry plays in our nation’s economy and future. With more than one hundred nuclear reactors in place, the American nuclear energy industry employs tens of thousands of Americans and produces almost 20% of the power consumed by the United States annually. While safety must remain our first priority in shaping public policy, the United States should avoid a reactionary response to this emergency.

We support the efforts of the international community to stabilize the Daiichi power plant. We must not only partner in rebuilding communities, but we must also join in learning how we can build a safer, more reliable clean energy industry.

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