Read Up on The Nuclear Literacy Project


We want to highlight a new and excellent online nuclear energy resource: The Nuclear Literacy Project.

As they describe on their site, it’s “a new website and outreach initiative geared towards reaching young, non-technical audiences with information about nuclear energy.” Energy education is crucial, and this site looks to be a fun and well-designed hub for many methods of learning and teaching.

Challenge yourself with one of the quizzes, watch the videos, explore nuclear tourism, and read the personal stories of young nuclear energy students and professionals. And be sure to tell a STEM teacher or professor (science, technology, engineering, math) about this new resource.

We’ll keep an eye out for new content as this site expands, and suggest you should, too. Follow them on Twitter at @NuclearLiteracy and check out their Facebook page for a photo of a handful of uranium “yellowcake.”

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