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Photo Courtesy of RB Watkins

Photo Courtesy of RB Watkins

Today we would like to spotlight another integral part of AREVA family here in North America ─ RB Watkins, a transformer field services company based in Stow, Ohio. Founded in 2004, the company joined the AREVA group in December 2008 and is now part AREVA’s Transmission & Distribution subsidiary. RB Watkins performs complete services for high voltage transformers including installation, maintenance and repair.

Its 42 employees work throughout the U.S, with offices in Ohio, Oklahoma, and soon in Phoenix, Arizona. Co-founder and Unit Managing Director Jim Rodgers said that RB Watkins has really thrived because of it expertise and experience in the transformer industry. He and co-founder Wes Watkins are good examples of this know-how, as they both have extensive careers in the field. Each started with energy industry in the early 1980’s and have accumulated years of experience and understanding working in transformer power services, including the large power service field and the managing transformer remanufacturing division.

Rodgers also talked about what he liked about AREVA, saying “while we had eight different offers, AREVA was the best fit.” For their customers, he said AREVA’s line of services allow them to be part of an attractive business model. Working with AREVA has created a strong support system for current RB Watkins employees and has also made the company more appealing for recruiting well-qualified employees. In fact, the company has hired eight people since the beginning of the year. This relationship even extends to the company’s future outlook, as Rodgers mentioned that this association has provided them with additional sales resources to continue the company’s current growth.

To find out more about RB Watkins, check out the company’s site here.

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