Quote of the Day – Senator Al Franken: “Nuclear has to be part of the solution…”


We were glad to see Democratic Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, appears to have changed his previous position on expanding Nuclear power. In this Post-Bulletin article he is quoted as saying:

“Yes, (the nuclear waste) will be around for hundreds of thousands of years, but I am kind of hoping we will, too…And I am kind of hoping that just as we’re going from a decade to map the human genome to a day or two days or whatever it is that we will be more and more sophisticated on storing the waste.”

For our part, we believe that recycling is a key aspect to managing used nuclear fuel in a more sustainable way.

Previously Senator Franken had been opposed to new nuclear construction for the near future. He goes on:

This position represents something of a change for me….” and added later that in dealing with climate change issues: “Nuclear has to be a part of the solution to that.”

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