Quote of the Day on U.S. Offshore Wind Power


Greentech media covers Jim Lanard, President of the Offshore Wind Development Coalition, testimony before a House of Representatives subcommittee. Some key quotes:

“Yet in the United States, no offshore wind farms have been built,” Lanard said. That, however, is about to change … In 2010, eight offshore wind developers bid to lease land on the outer continental shelf [OCS] off the coast of Maryland … Ten offshore wind developers bid in the leasing process for federal waters off Massachusetts and eleven put in bids for the OCS off New Jersey.”

The article also suggests the offshore wind industry is at a key tipping point:

It looks very much like the U.S. offshore wind industry is about to achieve the scale it needs to boom. “Economies of scale can be achieved for offshore wind,” Lanard said, because they are ready to make a technological leap. Several offshore wind developers have reported that they plan to propose wind farms scaled at 1,100 megawatts each.” And, Lanard said, “The standard going forward will be five-, six- and seven-megawatt turbines.”

From AREVA’s perspective as a 5 MW offshore wind turbine manufacturer, the article is definitely worth checking out, do read the whole thing.

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