Quote of the Day from the Secretary of Energy


Speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu spoke decisively on the rapid growth of clean energy industries in China and other countries. Chu compared this growth to the outpacing of the United States by the Soviet Union with the launch of Sputnik, the first Earth-orbiting satellite, and the Untied States’ immediate response to accelerate the American space program. He noted that today’s clean energy challenge requires:

“a similar mobilization of America’s innovation machine so that we can compete in the global race for the jobs of the future,” Chu said. “When it comes to innovation, Americans don’t take a back seat to anyone – and we certainly won’t start now.”

“From wind power to nuclear reactors to high speed rail, China and other countries are moving aggressively to capture the lead,” said Chu. “Given that challenge, and given the enormous economic opportunities in clean energy, it’s time for America to do what we do best: innovate. As President Obama has said, we should not, cannot, and will not play for second place.”

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