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We occasionally get the chance to take press and traditional media to France to see first hand what we’ve been talking about relating to nuclear energy, fuel recycling, and other trends.

This year we broadened the trip to include a number online influential thinkers, writers and bloggers, and that trip was this last week. We had a lot of fun, and thought it was very positive and hoped they did too. So it was great to see posts like this one begin popping up in the blogosphere, from Rod Adams:

“I wish to express my appreciation to Areva for the respect that they gave to new media content producers by inviting us for the same kind of tours that they have traditionally provided to other media visitors. There has been a long standing tradition among nuclear professionals to point a finger at “the media” and blame it for some of the negative perceptions held by many. Areva has recognized that nature of media and content production/distribution has changed. It is taking advantage of the growing opportunity for the industry to tell its own story to people who are technically competent and focused on telling compelling stories about their favorite technology. That will allow us an opportunity to lead the conversation rather than always being on the defensive.”

Much appreciated, and thanks to Rod and the other bloggers who attended!

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