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We agree with Friedman’s insight on the need for America (or any country) to see it’s Energy strategy and it’s ablity to produce “green electrons” as a key metric of it’s overall national health…

“That is why I am convinced that the ability to develop clean power and energy-efficient technologies is going to be come the defining measure of a country’s economic standing, environmental health, and energy security, over the next fifty years.

The ability to design, build and export clean technologies for producing green electrons, clean water, clean air and healthy and abundant food is going to become
the currency of power in the Energy-Climate Era — not the only one, but right up there with computers, microchips, information technologies and planes and tanks.

Some see that now. Others will see it soon. Eventually it will be obvious to all. I hope every country gets there sooner or later, but as an American, I want to make
sure that my country is in the lead….”

– Thomas Friedman, from his book, Hot, Flat and Crowded

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