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Lynn Edward Weaver

“The technology is straightforward. Used nuclear fuel is taken to a recycling facility where it is chemically reprocessed into a so-called mixed-oxide fuel, which is then used in a nuclear power plant to produce more electricity. This process significantly reduces the need to mine more uranium. And, more importantly, it reduces the amount of nuclear waste that cannot be recycled and must be stored in concrete-and-steel cylinders until an underground repository becomes available….Closing the nuclear fuel cycle with a reprocessing facility would increase nuclear power’s share of electricity generation in the United States; further the goals of meeting the nation’s energy needs from power plants that don’t pollute the air or emit greenhouse gases; lessen the need for imported uranium; and significantly reduce the amount of nuclear waste that will need to be permanently disposed of. Let’s get on with it.”

– Lynn Edward Weaver, president emeritus of the Florida Institute of Technology (from news-press.com November 19, 2009)

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