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As news and information continues to evolve about Fukushima, we will continue to provide clear explanations and descriptions to help you understand and share facts about the situation.

In regards to news about plutonium detected at the power plant site, the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) gathered and published some key points about the findings. Based on this information, the NEI concludes that there is “no health risk from the plutonium at Fukushima Daiichi” and includes the following:

  • Tokyo Electric Power Co. on March 28 discovered minute levels of plutonium in the soil at five locations at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant site. The plutonium measured is as little as was in the environment in Japan following nuclear weapons testing during the Cold War.
  • The plutonium at the site can be monitored and controlled, and the levels are not harmful to human health.

Click here to read the rest and find out more about the science behind Plutonium here.

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