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by Jarret Adams

AREVA’s first U.S. Supplier Day in Baltimore played to a full house as representatives from more than 100 current and potential suppliers came to learn about how they can partner with AREVA to build new EPR™ reactors in the United States and internationally. Maryland is the first stop in a series of Supplier Days to be held in states where U.S. EPR™ reactors are planned.

The Supplier Day focused on the first project planned for the U.S. EPR™ reactor is under development by UniStar Nuclear Energy LLC, a joint venture between Constellation Energy and EDF. The new nuclear plant would be located adjacent to Constellation’s Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in southern Maryland.

“AREVA is committed to the revival of the U.S. nuclear energy industry and is investing in new nuclear projects around the country, and now we are looking for partners who can help us manufacture U.S. EPR™ nuclear plants that are ‘Made in America,’” said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO of AREVA NP Inc. “The strong response to our call for partners confirms our conviction that the AREVA EPR™ technology offers the path of greatest certainty for new nuclear power generation and to brings jobs to U.S. communities.”

In addition to creating thousands of jobs and spurring billions of dollars of investment into the regional economy, this project would require hundreds of qualified suppliers and subcontractors. That is why is AREVA is moving forward now to find the right partners not just to build new EPR™ reactors but to help revive the U.S. nuclear industry.

Here’s a great piece about the event from the Baltimore Sun.

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