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We are trying hard to be a good part of the nuclear, renewable and energy blogging community, and it’s gratifying to see posts like this from blogger Dan Yurman and fun to see it get noticed by the Financial Times

Dan writes:

“AREVA’s U.S. CEO Jacques Besnainou, who is an American citizen, sometimes makes fun of his “Brooklyn accent.” In fact, his responses to questions from a group of independent bloggers come across with the satisfying snap and crunch of a Nathan’s hot dog at Coney Island.

Areva is way out in front of the rest of the nuclear industry in its use of social media. In the latest of a series of unscripted conference calls, Besnainou talked with a group of nuclear bloggers July 9 about the company’s U.S. projects. He also answered questions as they came…”

Transparency and openness are key values for us at AREVA and we deeply appreciate the warm welcome we have seen in the online and blogger community as we have worked to express those values online.

UPDATE… And we also noticed this post from blogger Steve Aplin:

“All businesspeople love sports analogies. Most analogies border on cheeseball; many don’t even apply to the situation. But last Friday, Jacques Besnainou, CEO of Areva North America, used one that actually fit the point he was trying to make. “At the Tour de France, everybody watches the yellow jersey,” he said, referring to the colour worn by the front runner in the famous bicycle race. Areva—with reactor projects in Finland, France, and China, and fuel-cycle projects and proposals in the U.S., France, and Japan—is wearing the yellow jersey right now. Besnainou’s point: though a lot of criticism comes with the attention, wearing the yellow jersey is good. It means you are in first place.”

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