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by Laurence Pernot

There must be no taboos when we discuss nuclear energy. All issues, including the tricky ones, must be on the table. As with any large infrastructure project, nuclear energy does raise debates and will certainly continue to do so. This is good news, because no subject is off-limits regarding nuclear energy, and because debate on this subject is healthy and productive!

Whatever the technical answers are, public concerns must be taken seriously and addressed transparently. Governments must show leadership and continuity in their energy policies, and the nuclear industry must be open to public debate. We at AREVA, are open to dialogue with all stakeholders, including our opponents, in a transparent manner. Indeed, we’re convinced that through genuine dialogue and public debate, all legitimate concerns can be overcome.

Furthermore, as we need big changes now and rapidly in these challenging times, all leaders taking part in the energy debate need to help clarify and educate on the issues and set aside ideologies for the greater good of humanity. This passes by clarifying the energy mix and the benefits of each electricity generation source.

We no longer have to say “nuclear energy” with shame. It’s a solution recognized by OECD, the International Energy Agency, and other organizations as a key technology for industrialized and developing countries to win the race against climate change and meet our energy demands. Some countries have tiptoed into the race, some walking quietly and others jogging ahead. And there are those who are galloping to the gate. Whatever rhythm the United States chooses, we hope the nation will show leadership in this race.

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