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Very fun to see how the nuclear blogging community can really make a difference advocating the cause for Nuclear energy. One example of many, was this week’s article in the Scientific American online site. The author and staff writer John Horgan talks about a conversation with Rod Adams as key to a new outlook on nuclear power:

I bashed Barack Obama for trying to revive nuclear power. Nuclear energy materials, equipment and expertise can be diverted toward building nuclear weapons, I fretted, and every reactor and waste repository represents a potential dirty bomb. I reiterated these anxieties in an online chat on , a segment of which was aired by The New York Times.

Then Rod Adams e-mailed me. Adams is a U.S. Navy officer who served on nuclear submarines, founded a firm to promote small reactors and blogs about nuclear power at Atomic Insights (highly recommended). Adams asked if I would like to talk to him on , and I said sure…

And after listing some of the key points in their online discussion, Horgan closes with:

I still dream of a breakthrough in solar energy that gives us a truly clean, cheap, inexhaustible source of energy. But because of Rod Adams, I’m giving nuclear power a closer look.

Nicely done on everyone’s part. Great to see an online discussion on nuclear energy with such civility and open mindedness and intelligent discussion on all sides.

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