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By Curtis Roberts

In his Platts Magazine article yesterday, Jason Fourney reports on challenges hampering the fledgling US offshore wind power industry discussed by thought leaders at the Offshore Wind Power Summit.

“Lengthy and onerous permitting requirements for offshore wind top the list of obstacles, which includes supply-chain issues, unstable federal incentives and the technical challenges involved with siting wind turbines at sea.”

As you read through the article, one thing becomes abundantly clear:

There is an acknowledged path forward to tapping the projected 4,000 GW in US offshore wind energy and its associated domestic supply chain economic boom.

We know what to do.

The developers, manufacturers and state governments are forging ahead, building an industry. The time is ripe for proactive, enthusiastic, visionary federal leadership to lead us where we are going by simplifying permitting, enabling financing, providing incentives, and strengthening the infrastructure needed to fast track the developing US offshore wind power industry.

Read the Platt’s article.

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