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By Katherine Berezowskyj

Multibrid M5000 Turbine

Earlier this week, the first offshore wind farm in Germany, alpha ventus, was completed. Located in the North Sea, alpha ventus features twelve 5 megawatt turbines, half of which were developed and constructed by AREVA Multibrid. Taking just under seven months to complete the entire project, this also becomes the world’s first offshore wind park to have a dozen turbines this size. This a major project for Germany as the country works to generate a larger percentage of its energy from renewable resources.

The M5000 turbine made by AREVA Multibrid is designed specifically for the difficult marine weather conditions. The installation of the Multibrid M5000 began in April of this year, and their six tripod foundations were secured within two months. The first offshore turbine was completed in the middle of July, making it the country’s first. All six of the M500 offshore turbines are complete and undergoing test runs. Already, they have produced more than 13 million kilowatt hours of clean, offshore wind generation. AREVA Multibrid is working right now to bring this renewable energy source to the United States. With the constancy of wind and generating capacity, offshore wind turbines, like the M5000, could make a huge impact in renewable energy generation for the United States.

AREVA subsidiary T&D is also contributing its knowledge and practical expertise to the alpha ventus project—they are delivering a high-voltage transformer-station platform which will receive the wind generated energy and distribute it to the shore. Please download “Offshore Wind Farm ‘alpha ventus’ 110/30 kV transformer station on an offshore platform” for more information.

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