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Columnist John Tierney of the New York Times offers some valuable insights on how to be green and a shade blue as Earth Day approaches. He asks:

On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, is the middle-aged green movement ready to be revived by some iconoclastic young Turqs?

The term Turqs, as in turquoise, to describe people who are both green and an open-minded type of blue – a term coined by environmentalist Stewart Brand, author of “Whole Earth Discipline.” An interesting facet of this piece is Tierney’s take on nuclear energy’s role:

Mr. Brand has also renounced his opposition to nuclear power and now promotes it as green energy because of its low-carbon emissions and its small footprint on the landscape. He wants to see the development of small modular reactors, and he quotes a warning from the climate scientist James Hansen, “One of the greatest dangers the world faces is the possibility that a vocal minority of antinuclear activists could prevent phase-out of coal emissions.”

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