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By Katherine Berezowskyj

As part of the biggest gathering of world leaders in the United States since the meetings that formed the United Nations, leaders from almost 50 states and other related organizations have come to Washington, D.C., this week as part of President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit. This international meeting comes one year after his landmark speech in Prague calling for the world to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and just a week after he signed a new START (strategic arms reduction) treaty with Russia, deepening both states’ commitments to further arms reductions.

The summit discussions focus on measures to address the international nuclear threat by strengthening the non-proliferation treaty regime, reducing and eventually eliminating existing nuclear weapons stockpiles, and developing measures to prevent terrorists from acquiring nuclear weapons materials. Although the discussions and negotiations center on engaging states for collective action, the role of the nuclear energy industry in supporting governmental measures remains critical.

AREVA knows the leadership role that industry must play and works hand in hand with governments, ensuring it meets and implements the multiple international obligations it operates under, supporting countries and the international non-proliferation regime.

AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon participated in parallel discussions as a panelist during the Nuclear Security Conference hosted by the Nuclear Energy Institute and on a Round Table hosted by Vice-President Joe Biden. Ms. Lauvergeon’s messages underline AREVA’s commitment and strict adherence to transparency and support of current non-proliferation efforts. Speaking last year at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, she affirmed that

“AREVA manages all of its nuclear facilities and nuclear materials in full accord with all international nonproliferation treaties, norms, and national regulations. AREVA does not, and will never, cooperate with any customer from a country that does not adhere to international nonproliferation norms, or is in noncompliance with its nonproliferation obligations.”

This commitment includes AREVA’s contribution as part of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s program to eliminate former weapons material. AREVA, in partnership with the Shaw Group, is utilizing its expertise and experience in the design and construction of the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility in South Carolina. This facility will reduce weapons stockpiles by converting weapons-grade material into mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel for U.S. nuclear power plants. The program is designed to eliminate, destroy, and disperse former nuclear weapons material while producing electricity in commercial nuclear plants. AREVA stands committed to enhancing the culture of non-proliferation among everyone involved in the nuclear energy renaissance.

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