Nuclear Regulatory Commission Approves License for Transnuclear Long Cask


Transnuclear (TN) Inc., an AREVA company, is pleased to announce that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has approved the Certificate of Compliance for Radioactive Material Packages for its innovative Long Cask, a fuel transport package designed to safely handle U.S. domestic and international shipments of used commercial and research reactor fuel assemblies and other materials.

The versatile TN Long Cask provides a cost-effective transport package that can safely hold several types of fuel pins and assemblies, including a 14’ EPR™ fuel assembly, which is longer than typical U.S. fuel assemblies. The TN Long Cask can also handle research reactor used fuel, experimental nuclear power plant used fuel assemblies and rods, post-irradiation examination samples and contaminated equipment. This innovative transport package has been designed to operate in vertical and horizontal operations, and can be used for both domestic and international shipments.

“With this NRC license, Transnuclear Inc. is able to provide a commercial solution for the nuclear industry to handle the safe transport of different types of used fuels and irradiated materials,” said Michael McMahon, President and CEO of Transnuclear Inc. “Transnuclear’s forward-looking Long Cask offers the highest capacity NRC-licensed cask for the transport of used fuel compared to what is on the market today. The TN Long Cask provides a safe, effective and competitive option for the industry with the added benefit of AREVA’s global transportation logistics expertise and demonstrated commitment to worldwide operational excellence.”

TN has been working with the NRC toward the license for the Long Cask since June 2011, and is working with the U.S. Department of Transportation as well as regulators in other countries to have this package validated internationally. Fabrication of the Long Cask package is expected to begin in early 2013, with first delivery anticipated for the end of 2014. This new transport package will be an addition to the AREVA Logistics portfolio that will expand to the company’s support for the used fuel domestic transport needs in the U.S.

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