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We do appreciate the review of our recent blogger conference call. From Dan Yurman:

Areva North American President Jacques Besnainou is like a starship captain. This past week he went where no reactor vendor CEO has gone before by opening up, unfiltered by corporate PR, to a group of nuclear energy bloggers. The company has claimed it will practice “transparency” in its communication with the public and the press. This week it got a chance to prove it and it did a pretty good job. . . .

Our hour was up so that ended the first “Jacques talk” session with bloggers. The company is making progress from its assessment a year ago that it had a “blind spot” when it comes to nuclear energy bloggers. The firm promised future sessions with Besnainou and he reportedly came away from the session enthusiastic about the vigorous give and take of the conversation. Hopefully, there will be more of it.

And the write up from Steve Aplin:

The conference call, as I mentioned in my May 14 post, is part of Areva’s groundbreaking North American outreach effort. And I say groundbreaking because the company is not shy about going on the record about some pretty controversial issues.

We had a great time, as did Jacques Besnainou, and we’re finding a good date for the next call that he can attend again. Stay tuned. Also, if you’re a blogger and you’d like to be in on our monthly conference calls, let us know in the comments or send us an email.

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