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The NRC has completed its preliminary examination, the acceptance review, of the Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility license application and will now begin the formal review process.

On March 12, 2009, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) officially notified AREVA Enrichment Services LLC (AES) that the NRC had completed its acceptance review of the Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility License Application. AREVA is very pleased that the NRC found the License Application to be acceptable for formal review. It is early in the Licensing process and AREVA Enrichment Services is working diligently to prepare for the steps ahead.

The NRC will now docket the application and begin its technical review process. The next step will be the NRC’s issuance of an Order, which will offer an opportunity for a hearing, provide a schedule, and address several policy issues related to uranium enrichment facility licensing. The NRC Staff will develop two reports, the Safety Evaluation Report and Environmental Impact Statement, to document the conclusion of its review of the license application. The NRC Staff plans to complete these documents by August 2010.

Throughout the license application process, AREVA Enrichment Services will provide updates regarding the status of the EREF License Application.

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