Next Generation of Latino Leaders Competes in AREVA Nuclear Energy Rap Session


Nearly 50 youth attending the 2012 League of United Latino American Citizens (LULAC) National Convention accepted the AREVA Nuclear Energy Rap Session challenge and, in only two hours, developed and produced catchy music videos like the top four posted to our AREVAinc YouTube channel.

These youth from across the U.S. gathered their rap material from nuclear energy information and videos we presented during an AREVA-hosted trip from the conference in Orlando to the interactive “Energy Encounter” exhibit at the Florida Power and Light (FPL) St. Lucie nuclear facility. Once there, FPL’s Vickie Spencer involved the students in lively demonstrations on how a nuclear energy facility produces thousands of megawatts of electricity without carbon emissions.

The LULAC youths’ creative video results and clear messaging show the value of engaging this influential demographic to start these future leaders thinking about preparing for careers in science, technology, engineering and math, and to better understand nuclear energy’s benefits as a reliable, powerful clean energy source. Go enjoy the of “Hard Hats and Tight Suits,” “Back in School,” “If I Was Your Power Plant,” and “Nuclear Pearls. “

LULAC has been an active member of AREVA’s Community Advisory Council since its inception and helped guide our energy education efforts from the perspective of this influential community. Outreach efforts like these help AREVA strengthen relationships with national and regional communities to better understand their energy needs and concerns, and inform them about clean energy technologies.


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