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The latest issue of Newsweek includes a profile of AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon that calls her “France’s most powerful businesswoman.” The article notes that Ms. Lauvergeon may be the most effective proponent of nuclear energy and ranks above Queen Elizabeth II on the Forbes’ most-powerful-women ranking but alas below Lady Gaga.

[She] has been the guiding force behind her country’s massive push into nuclear energy, which today fuels 75 percent of all its electricity. And now, she believes, nuclear’s next big global moment has arrived. “The cheap price of oil and gas is over for the future,” she tells NEWSWEEK. “Nuclear isn’t the only solution, but it is part of the solution.”

The piece includes a few hiccups. For example, Anne Lauvergeon never said she was “an icon”. And the writer’s mention seems gratuitous that a recent AREVA agreement in Saudi Arabia for solar energy development with the Saudi Binladen group — the nation’s largest engineering firm — has a famous relative named Osama. The more relevant point is how beneficial AREVA’s solar thermal technology could be in the deserts of the Arabian peninsula.

But it is overall a good piece and worth reading.

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