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A well-written profile of Anne Lauvergeon, AREVA’s first and only CEO, appeared in March 19 edition of the New York Times. The piece, written by veteran journalist Steven Erlanger, focuses on the challenges Ms. Lauvergeon faces, including questions regarding the renewal of her mandate, the situation regarding the Fukushima reactors in Japan and the future of the nuclear industry. He writes:

Ms. Lauvergeon, 51, known as Atomic Anne, is one of the most prominent female executives in Europe, and one of the most independent minded — perhaps too much so for France’s male-dominated elite. She is fighting for her job, and as usual here, the battle is as much personal as professional. At the same time, the nuclear industry she represents is facing its largest challenge since the meltdown at Three Mile Island, and how the unfolding tragedy in Japan will affect her future is anyone’s guess.

She has an ambitious, global vision for Areva, which she constructed in 2001 as a merger of other French companies. Areva is engaged in nearly all aspects of nuclear energy, from mining and engineering to construction and recycling. Ms. Lauvergeon, Areva’s first and only boss, seeks outside investors and clients, while others want to impose more centralized control over Areva, its assets and its profits, and want her gone.

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