New Video Explores Nuclear Reactor’s Digital I&C System


In the United States, AREVA is the only supplier that has supported the successful licensing, engineering, procurement, installation, and commissioning of a nuclear reactor’s full-scope digital Safety Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Protection System.

Including the three U.S. installations, our TELEPERM® XS digital I&C platform is installed or on order at 81 units at 43 separate sites in 16 countries.

As the world leader in digital I&C systems for nuclear applications,our innovative technology achieves proven results in safety, operational efficiency, overall plant reliability, operational cost reductions, and positive operator feedback by addressing obsolescence and delivering:

  • Advanced operator interfaces and controls
  • Advanced digital technology to address old analog system obsolescence
  • Enhanced levels of system redundancy
  • Modern manufacturing quality that meets the latest standards
  • Self-monitoring to ensure system health and proper operation
  • Independent, isolated, redundant subsystems using fiber-optic cables
  • Advanced system protection through intelligent signal status processing, which prevents fault propagation

Watch this video and explore the brain and central nervous system of a power plant: the instrumentation and control system.

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