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Our friends over at the Nuclear Energy Institute are getting the word out about nuclear power… they’ve become a corporate sponsor of the Washington Capitals.  They’ll have an ad on the dasherboard at the Verizon Center (where the Caps play their home games) and at the Kettler Iceplex in Arlington, VA (where the Caps practice), as well as having ads run on radio and TV broadcasts of the Caps’ games.
They’re coupling it with a great website that talks about the effects of climate change on outdoor games like ice hockey (which, of course, requires cold enough temperatures for lakes and ponds to freeze) and promoting nuclear energy as a necessary part of our carbon-free energy future.
A funny quote from NEI’s original article about the sponsorship:

A random, remarkable story: while standing in the beer line between periods at last week’s game against Chicago, I overheard two Blackhawks fans talking about seeing Alexander Ovechkin play in person for the first time. Fan A to fan B, “I think he is nuclear-powered.”

We hope you’ll check out their new site.  Kudos to NEI for getting the word out!

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