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The National Journal has a really interesting experts’ forum this week called “Is Nuclear the Green Solution?” The responses from their invited experts are still coming in, and it’s looking like a fascinating discussion. Here are some highlights:

David Holt, President, Consumer Energy Alliance:

Nuclear energy is not only the most readily available form of clean-air electricity, but it is also the most sustainable and cost-effective. Of all forms of clean-air electricity, nuclear energy has the smallest impact on the environment. If we invest in this form of power now, we will see benefits for years to come. . . .

It makes sense for consumers by providing them with a low and highly stable cost, and if we continue growing this industry, it makes sense for the country — the number of jobs created would be substantial and widespread.

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Chuck Gray, Executive Director, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners:

If the electricity sector is to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, new nuclear generation must be part of the discussion.

Elizabeth Moler, Executive Vice President for Government & Environmental Affairs & Public Policy, Exelon:

And while we can greatly expand the role of renewables in many regions of the country (and will if proposed renewable electricity standards are enacted), we will need additional baseload power plants to maintain our highly reliable electric system. . . .

There has been much talk about “green jobs” recently and the benefits of transitioning to a green economy. Yet, policymakers have paid little attention to the numbers behind the claims. In fact, nuclear plants provide the most “bang for the buck” of any clean generation source.

Marvin Fertel, President and CEO, Nuclear Energy Institute:

Given the reality — namely that nuclear power plants constitute nearly 75 percent of the nation’s carbon-free electricity supply — it is important to recognize that efforts to achieve substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the electric sector will not be successful without continued reliance on and expansion of nuclear energy. . . .

The federal government should encourage nuclear plant construction as a means of undergirding the nation’s economy with reliable baseload electricity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating hundreds of thousands of high-paying green jobs.

We’re glad the National Journal is paying attention to nuclear power’s role in America’s energy future. Given the incredible thoughtfulness of the responses thus far, we’re looking forward to reading more!

(Thanks to Mark Flanagan at NEI for the tip.)

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