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The topic for Day 4 of National Nuclear Science Week is “Nuclear Safety,” and our contract announcement today is a good example of the nuclear industry actively responding to safety lessons learned from Fukushima.

Safety systems at Units 1 and 2 at CNE Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania will have an added defense-in-depth layer with the installation of AREVA’s Filter Containment Venting System (FCVS). This compact, modular and proven system can be used in all types of reactors: Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR), Boiling Water Reactors (BWR), and CANDU plants.

Bigger picture—the FCVS is just one component of AREVA’s comprehensive Safety Alliance, an initiative providing expert safety analyses, upgrades and enhancements to help utilities meet post-Fukushima safety requirements. Last year’s spate of extreme U.S. weather events and U.S. nuclear energy facilities’ successful safety responses and return to reliable energy generation clearly showed the benefits of decades of ongoing safety upgrades and enhancements.

World-view—New Gen III+ nuclear reactor projects are designed from the foundations up to incorporate these decades of safety experience in multiple redundant passive and active safety systems, for example, in AREVA’s EPRTM reactor. With more than 60 nuclear reactors under construction in 14 countries, the benefits of modern nuclear facilities generating reliable, safe clean energy will be a reality in these locations. Now, for the rest of the world …

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