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CHT-UX-30The importance of customers using CHT’s robust UX-30 nuclear transport overpack was reinforced during a recent shipping incident. Despite the more than 5,000-pound load being dropped several feet, CHT’s stainless steel, double-hulled UX-30 overpack securely sheltered the internal Model 30B uranium hexafluoride cylinders and maintained the sealed integrity of its containment. Uranium hexafluoride is designated as a Class 7 hazardous material.

AREVA-subsidiary CHT manufactures UX-30 UF6 overpacks at its North Carolina factory to the highest standards of durability, reliability and strength for the nuclear shipment of Model 30B Uranium Hexafluoride cylinders. The overpack design incorporates a tough closed-cell polyurethane foam and stainless steel construction with proven strength for shipping and protecting UF6 cylinders. The UX-30 overpack is licensed for domestic use in the United States and has been validated for global use.

Learn more about CHT’s robust nuclear transport technology.

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